Youth Programs

By definition, adolescence is a period of constant change. Change, by nature, means instability. During these adolescent years, teenagers invariably seek answers to the questions, “Who am I?” “What is the purpose of life?” What can I do well?”
To find adequate answers, we believe that young people need to know and understand that God cares for them and that God is relevant to modern life. We strive to communicate these concepts in simple, understandable terms, and through meaningful friendships with young people.
To form friendships, our leaders invest a lot of time in finding common interests with young people. Leaders go to school events, mingle with youth over pizza and in other informal settings reflective of the kids’ environments, initiating the contacts and conversations that show a genuine desire to know who our youth truly are.
This takes time because meaningful relationships, the kind that really convey truth, are not built quickly. Such relationships call for gradual construction of mutual confidence and trust, for intelligent and loving honesty, for the patient search for shared experiences, and interests which lead to mutual understanding and appreciation.
Our goal in relationships with young people is to communicate that they are important, worthwhile people. In these relationships, our leaders strive to be meaningful models who understand teenagers and appreciate them in their struggles, hang-ups and hopes.
Our youth programs are designed to meet adolescents’ need for love, security, growth, faith, understanding, learning, recognition, and to provide them with a new and unique experience.
Our youth meet Sunday mornings from September to May at 11:15 for Sunday School. Our curriculum is challenging, equipping and providing opportunities for students to become active with their faith in every context of their lives. One of the highlights ever year is Youth Sunday in May.
.Youth Ministry at Bridgeport Presbyterian Church seeks to connect young people to each other, the whole church, and the world through faith in Jesus Christ. We seek this connection through variety of activities including Sunday school, Confirmation, Fellowship, and Mission striving to communicate that faith is relevant in our everyday lives. We hope that you will take a look at what’s happening in youth ministry at the Bridgeport Presbyterian Church and find a way to be involved. Our Weekly schedule changes so stay tuned to the monthly calendar for upcoming events.