The Children’s Health Pantry ANOTHER MILESTONE

In December 2009, the number of basic health care kits distributed since the Children’s Health Pantry began in 2002 passed 5,000.
In the first full year, 2003, total distribution was 288 kits. Last year, 2009, the total was 1,118 kits. A large increase occurred in 2007 when a federal/state program called Right from the Start became more available in Harrison County. The program provides intensive prenatal and postnatal services for eligible women through pregnancy and up to the infant’s first birthday.
The Children’s Health Pantry is unique in that it is not a direct-service provider, but provides resources to social service agencies and other entities who in turn use the kits as teaching tools or emergency help for at-risk children and their families. The program has helped to improve lives and futures.
Recognition is due for the time and efforts of many faithful volunteers, and the support of the congregation, WV Presbytery, PCUSA, and the community